Linea BR

Using the latest generation materials, GUMMI has developed an elastic coupling for low rotations with a more compact design than the traditional line with dimensions similar to rigid and semi-rigid couplings, maintaining its ability to absorb misalignment, vibrations, torque fluctuations and increasing the useful life of the other components of a transmission.


It does not require lubrication, minimizing corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance actions, both in the coupling and in the transmission, reducing machine downtime by up to 5 times. For the replacement of the flexible element it is not necessary to move the parts.


They can work with torques between 4,000 Nm and 250,000 Nm


Models go from BR-100 to BR-320

Use cases

Conveyors, grinding / ball mills, mud pumps, bucket elevator, redler, etc.

About us

We are in the field of couplings, clutches, breaks and pneumatic tubes for over 50 years


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