Line AN

The GUMMI AN pneumatic coupling has been specially designed to protect transmissions and machines from the destructive effects of high torsional moment torque fluctuations, associated with internal combustion machines, reciprocating pumps, compressors, mills etc. At present, the GUMMI pneumatic coupling has an outstanding performance in marine installations, thanks to its flexibility and ability to control high torque fluctuations by reducing vibrations, with an unbeatable feature: the degree of flexibility can be varied, 'by modifying the pressure of air', since there is a large hysteresis area between the deflection values ​​of the up and down torques


It absorbs misalignments, it is simple to install, it notably helps to reduce the noise of any transmission, and it provides excellent electrical insulation. It acts as a shock reducer, taking advantage of the resistance of its rubber chamber; reduces torsional fluctuations, in the same way, the natural hysteresis of its flexible element helps reduce vibrations. Due to its constructive characteristics, it lacks all types of lubrication.


There are 15 models and 13 mounting combinations that can be made with a standard element, in addition to mounting on a flywheel, floating axles and its particular tandem design.

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