Line A

GUMMI type A The Flexible couplings type A absorb misalignments and vibrations. Misalignment represents 50% of the causes of bearing breaking, as well as other elements of the machines (seals, gears), which are not designed for bending stressed on the shaft. The GUMMI coupling, being elastic, absorbs misalignments, increasing the useful life of the components. It dampens vibrations and shocks, offering a longer service life on transmission components. The average of the vibrations that are transmitted in a system, from one side of the application to the other is about 70%, an aspect minimized by the absorption capacity of the elastic element. GUMMI couplings are easy to install; replacement is faster because it is a single element. Allows higher alignment tolerances. It has no need to move the parts for its replacement.


Symmetry, safety and balance: since there are no cuts in the flexible element, an optimal balance and safety for the user is guaranteed.


From 38 Nm. Up to 168,750 Nm.


Model A-20 to A-400. In addition to the standard, or with synthetic coating (RE) - for aggressive environments -. The hubs can be: normal hub (CN); integral hub (CI); axial hub (CX); flange hub (CC), fitted hubs (CE), with brake disc (DF), with brake pulley (APF) and flanged (CF).

Use cases

Due to their versatility they are used in various sectors: steel, paper, food, oil, petroleum, naval, mining, etc.

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